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Lucrative youth projects

On June 2018 The Lucrative Youth became a reality, and on December 30th 2020 we released our first ever Lucrative Youth single "Chances"

Take a look into our journey and the projects we have released since!

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For our newest record we decided to shoot a short movie and remind everybody to watch their day 1s!


"Killin Shit"

Produced by Lab Ratz


Our 2nd collaborative record with Product Of  The City is


"Pissed Off"

Produced by our very own Ernie V & Samubana.

Our first ever album was a collaboration with "Jbo" which included 7 records all produced by "Cmuney"

Originally, we planned to work on 1 record, which became "Suicide" but immediately after hearing it and how well Jbo fit on his beats, we knew we had to work towards an album together.

Over a year later we released "Angels & Demons"


We teamed up with "WavyTeach" & "Tp Baby" for some Valentines day vibes on "Fuck With"

Produced by Regii & GabeLucas

The Association was our wrap up for 2021 and our first ever EP!

Including features from Jay Millz, Kyle Mason Lee, Loui Martin, OhTrapstar, Jbo, Young Breed & Wavy Teach.

And production from Kyle Mason Lee, KeyGod, KarriJay, Danny 1of1 & Ike Logan.


On "Foreign Everything" we teamed up with Jbo & Finesse with Cmuney on the production.

Motivation was our first of many collaborations with "Jbo" and also featured "Young Breed"

We teamed up with Geo Storm on the production.


Our collaboration with "Tio"  was a record we recorded in the Quarantine Summer of 2020 and thought we lost the session, only to find it 11 months later on a hard drive! 

We then decided to release it on the 1 year anniversary from it being recorded! 

Produced by Cmuney & Blvck Mike

We teamed up with "Tre Ykc" & "Danny 1 of 1" yet again for our 3rd LY Single "23"

We teamed up with "Nick Mighty"  for an anime riddled single, "Ever Since"

Produced by Cmuney

Our first Lucrative Youth single featured "Product Of The City" and "Tre Ykc" with production all the way from Singapore by "Danny 1 of 1" 

We traveled to New York to shit the visual.

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